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   Emergency Revenue Resources is your #1 choice for medical billing and ambulance billing services!  We take great pride in calling each one of our ambulance providers FAMILY.  We want you to feel comfortable in our services, with our people.

     Now, with insurance companies merging, the government changing insurance policies, and more HMO (not PPO) coverage with higher deductibles than ever, you need an efficient billing company on your side that is able to maximize every dollar you should be receiving.  You need Emergency Revenue Resources on your side.  

    We fight with payers to ensure they are paying claims correctly, we make them pay appropriately, and even fight with them when they try to go around national law so they don't have to pay!

    We are completely different from other ambulance and medical billing firms.  We take care of you(the provider), and the patients as well!  We work with multiple different payment platforms to ensure your patients pay their bills on time each and every time!