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When you need complete Revenue Cycle Management, look no further than Emergency Revenue Resources.  We process claims daily, which means you get paid daily, which means statements get printed daily, which means again, you get paid daily.  The ultimate goal is to get our providers into a continuous daily revenue cycle daily, so that they can function at top performance.  We are the only company in the country that fights with insurances daily to maximize YOUR revenue.  Most services just accept what the insurance companies pay, and hope the patient pays their portion.  We don't accept that.  We want your patients to pay as little as possible, and make the insurance companies do their job, so you can do YOUR job.  It is ultimately the PROVIDERS money, so let us go get it for you!


We know within 24 hours of submitting a claim whether it will be paid or not.  We may not know how much, but we know yes or no on payment.  If for some reason it is denied, we are appealing it before the denial ever goes out the insurance's door.  Our denial rate is less than 2%.  Why?  Because we know what we are doing.  We are constantly learning, training, attending lectures and conferences.  Always re-investing in our employees knowledge so that we can serve YOU better!