"Our former billing provider left us in the dark.  They were behind on payment postings, causing patients to get upset, they were taking to long to enter and bill patients.  We switched to ERR and haven't worried since.  They went back and collected 2&1/2 times in 6 months what the old provider did in a year."        -EMS Director

Proud Member - Business Consumer AllianceProud Member - Business Consumer Alliance

    Emergency Revenue Resources ambulance providers are made up of a multitude of services.  Our providers include 911 services, emergency and non emergent transport services, hospital district ambulance services, city services, county services, private services.  We do it all!  We are proud of our providers and proud of the fact that they have stuck with us since we opened in 1997!


    We can have you set up and billing claims in as little as 2 days!  We will also perform an audit of the past years records and recoup uncollected monies.  We stay aggressive for you!


   Is your billing company bringing in enough revenue for you?  If not, CALL US!

   Is your billing company appealing denials?  If not, CALL US!

   Is your billing company Nemsis 3 ready?  If not, CALL US!

   Is your billing company offering ePCR?  If not, CALL US!

   Is your billing company giving you real time access to YOUR information?  If      not, CALL US!


    The point is, CALL US!  Emergency Revenue Resources should be your first call for all of your billing needs.  We customize your reporting to the way you need it, without all of the hassles of other companies.


    We have providers in Texas, Oregon, Ohio, New Jersey, New Mexico, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, New York, as well as other states from all kinds of services.  AND we are growing daily.  Providers are figuring out that we are simply THE BEST at what we do!