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       Emergency Revenue Resources provides a range of comprehensive Ambulance Billing Services, Fire/MVA Billing Services, QA/QI services, ePCR offerings, Trauma Registry, collections, etc!


    Is your current provider NEMSIS 3 ready???  WE ARE!!!!


    Do you need help with the new Medicare Prior Authorization requirements?Call us!  We have the knowledge and the tools to help you obtain the PA!


    Will your current billing provider stand by you if you get audited by Medicare?  We will!


    We will also audit your billing records for the past year and collect what should have been collected in the first place.  So many times we find that the billing was done incorrectly, and whatever was paid is just applied to the patient's balance the claim is never looked at again.  Other billing companies don't pay attention to EOB's and payments like we do.  We pay attention to EVERY single detail and line item to ensure that you get the maximum reimbursement!